Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science


PGD(cs) program is especially designed for professionals who would like to convert thir career into Computer Science. This programme is unique since into Computer Science. This programme is unique since it is suitable for all disciplines.It essential practical skills in key areas of Computer Science. The programme can be completed in one year and successful candidates could start a professional carrier


Bachelor Degree with with minimum 2nd division from HEC recognize institution.


One year (2 semesters).

Teaching Methodology:

Online classes will be conducted through internet. One week workshop is conducted at AIOU main campus, Islamabad in each semester.

Scheme of Studies
Semester - 1
Code Title Cr.Hrs
3575 Software Engineering 4(4,0)
3576 Introduction to Computer Concepts 4(3,1)
3577 Programming in C/C++ Language 4(3,1)
3578 Professional Communication 3(3,0)
3579 Data Base Applications 4(3,1)
Semester - 2
Code Title Cr.Hrs
3580 or 3435 Discrete Structure, Visual Basic & Database Interface 4(4,0)
3581 Data Structure and Applications 4(4,0)
3582 Internet Programming Languages 4(3,1)
3583 Operating Systems Concepts 4(4,0)
3584 Data Communication and Networks 4(4,0)