Student Manual PGD(CS) Online


User Manual: how to attend Online Class (Live)


Open Website:

Open Chrome browser ( if you dont have chrome browser, then search and install it from ).


In Chrome browser address bar, type web address website:

Press enter


Following LMS Website will be open

First of all, check News Updates area (right side of page), if there is any notice/ updated announcement, then follow that.


Then click PGD Time Table

Check Present days class schedule for taking online class. (e.g. if today is Monday then check which subject class is on Monday.)

Also follow the schedule of your assigned Group A/B.

Follow time for online class according to your assigned group, time is mentioned in time table.


Click User Login button to login LMS.


Type your username and password (username: your roll number with small alphabet, password: provided in orientation workshop or If you didnt attend workshop then contact LMS Administrator at department (

Click login

Enter your user name and password and press LOG IN button

After first login change your password.

After login, you will see all of your enrolled courses:

Click your course which classes is scheduled for present day e.g. today is Monday and course 3575 class is schedule for monday for online class

Click that course. e.g. 3575 Software Engineering


Follow these two steps 1, 2 together:

Step 1: Now open Online chat in new tab by right click and click: Click here to enter chat now button (in chat you can ask any question from teacher during class). Move the chat screen in one side as half screen.

Step 2: In present course, go to your present date and click there online lecture/ Online live class to see live video class streaming.



Keep both windows (chat window and Live video class window) in display, like follow image and watch and listen video live class by teacher and ask question in chat in text format:

Note: Your must remain online in Online Chat and Online Live Video Stream Lecture during your scheduled lecture hour in concern course, like upper mention image.